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Wategos Beach Wedding

Martin proposed to Jodie - On the 29th of October last year. They drove to Wategos Beach very early. As the sun was rising they walked towards to the water and spoke about their future - and when the moment went silent Martin went down on one knee and asked Jodie to marry him.

The answer was YES!

As they enjoyed a bottle of vintage champagne they chased away a bush turkey trying to steal their croissants but as they took a moment and looked out to the ocean, a whale was breaching on the left, moments after, a pod of dolphins on the right jumped out of the water and then a beautiful butterfly passed straight between them towards the sunrise. For a moment the world just stopped for them, time slowed down and they told me it was one of the most magical surreal moments of their life.

So it felt natural to want to come back to Wategos to celebrate their marriage. 24 of their closest friends and family travelled from around the globe to join them on the day. We had a gorgeous morning ceremony on the lawn at Wategos which was followed by lunch at Raes.

The day captured beautifully by Photographer Ann- Louise at Possum Creek Studios.

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