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Why did I become a Celebrant?

Why did I become a Celebrant?

I have been asked this same question many times. 10 years ago when I began working as a celebrant this wasn't a profession that many had thought of.

For me it all started 15 years ago when all of my friends seemed to be getting married. I attended and was also part of many long, long and not really relative to the couple wedding ceremonies (one minister even spoke of divorce more than marriage - guess what! my friends got divorced a few years later). I mostly wanted the ceremony to be over so we could get on with the good stuff #champagne #music and #greatfood. It wasn't until I attended a fantastic outdoor civil ceremony in Perth that I felt connected to the couple, the celebrant made us all feel welcomed, relaxed and part of the event - I walked away with that "light bulb" moment that this was how a wedding ceremony should be. A day when family and friends felt they were part of the whole experience. Happy tears and all..

Now 10 years later and almost 700 weddings + the commitment, renewal of vows, baby naming and funerals I have performed I can honestly say it is a very humbling and rewarding career. I have met so many beautiful couples, shared in tears, laughter, traditions and plenty of hugs, kisses, happy and sad moments. I have worked with animals, children, story book characters, rain, hail, cyclones, extreme heat, beautiful days and cool winters, late brides, missing parents, lost wedding rings, fainting groomsmen and so much more.

Looking forward to the next few years I am carefully planning up to two years in advance with my upcoming couples. It is an exciting time ahead, I take pride in everything I do and hope to keep delivering the kind of professional fun and love that I always have.

I love a good coffee or vino and a friendly chat - if you would love to know more about who I am and the love I bring to your day please don't hesitate to contact me.

Most importantly have a beautiful, bright, happy day. xx

Photo by Ingrid Andersen

Michelle Shannon Marriage Celebrant Byron Bay

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